Alina has been eliminated from "Exatlon Romania"04-07-2018

In the Arena night of Exatlon Romania, the five Noncelebrities have said goodbye to Alina, one of the most powerful women of the show. The Noncelebrities team accepted the fact that they would remain in numerical inferiority, only four competitors remained in the competition.

There were moments of maximum sportsmanship, as the three nominees, Alina, Stefan and Roxana, are some of the strongest athletes who have demonstrated over the three months of the competition.

It had been Alina’s third nomination to elimination, and this time her fans could not save her.

"I thought it would be like last time, but what will be will be. The sooner I find out, the better because I do not like to wait. I can not explain what is happening to me today. I'm not afraid to go home because at some point it's inevitable not to happen. But I figured how did we get into this situation to remain only four Noncelebrities? What would be the best option: that I go, I will stay, that Roxana or Stefan will leave or stay? We are getting less and less we've been able to dream! I think this is my less strange condition today," she told Alina last night.